A Non-Typical Dual

My son and I might not be the typical mother-son dual you can run into in a local grocery store. I am a stay-at-home mom, who is outspoken, a rational critical thinker and doesn’t like to do housework. My son is a shy extrovert, a fierce tiger at home but a scary cat in front of strangers. What we have in common: LOUD and strong headed! 🙂

More About Us

I grew up in China and came to the U.S. for grad school. After graduating from New York University, I worked as Marketer, Product Manager and Event Planner for about seven years. In 2014, I gave birth to a cute chubby baby boy and became a full time stay-at-home mom. My son has the cutest smile and the biggest temper. Sometimes he was my little angel, but a few minutes later he would throw a major tantrum, which can last for as long as two hours. He has a big head (which he got from his mommy), and also super strong headed (which he also got from his mommy). Before I had my son, I used to believe that with my ability to manage a team and my love for young kids, it should be super easy to discipline my own child. Boy was I wrong! I came to realization that there is a huge difference between “being a parent” and “being a good parent”. It takes tremendous effort, patience and determination for a strong-willed person to parent and discipline a strong-willed kid. Through blogging, I want to show my support and share my thoughts with other mommies out there who share the same struggles and experiences. We may not be the typical soft-spoken gentle mothers, whose maternity instinct kicks in naturally. We may not be lucky enough to raise an angle baby, who complies with everything the parents say. But we are determined and strong headed. We can certainly do an awesome job as mothers!!